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Night at the Opera House

For starters, we found out we have been pronouncing Medea wrong for some nine months. It is apparently ma-day-a instead of ma-d-a YIKES!

Going to the Opera House in Omaha was unlike anything I have ever experienced. There was so much beauty and art from the very minute we walked in the door that I was just in awe. It felt like each corner was thought of, each tile chosen specifically for its spot. The lobby felt royal like we left downtown Omaha, Nebraska, and found ourselves in a castle in Genovia. We were served fancy chocolates as we waited for the show doors to open. The bar was serving drinks and snacks; I've never seen a plastic container of gummy bears look so gourmet. As the time got closer to 7:30, we began our journey up the grand stairs to our seats. As beautiful as I thought the lobby was, I never could have imagined the sheer gorgeousness of the main stage room. It was massive. The glistening crystal chandeliers seemed as if they were larger than the bedroom I had at home. The walls had a beautiful gold pattern all throughout them that was too beautiful for words. The whole room itself was so perfect that it left one to wonder who something so spectacular could be created by man. The little 7-year-old girl inside of me that always wanted to be a princess had finally found her home.

I have always envisioned operas to be annoying ladies singing in a too high key with a big dress and big hair. The only part I got right was “ladies singing”. They were absolutely captivating. It was so stunning that 55 minutes felt like 10. Even with the whole show being in Italian, the emotion these actors put into their voices, body movement, and faces left me not needing the subtitles.

This was nothing like the version of Medea my teammates and I performed back during one-act season. It did not even feel like the same story. The director did such a wonderful job putting their own interpretation into the story line without ruining the original meaning. I fell so deeply in love with the characters as well as the actors themselves. There was so much respect gained for the art that they are creating when my two favorite characters never even had a line.

The experience was amazing. I never could have dreamt up this night and I’m so thankful that my coach pushed me to go see the production. I’ve officially decided my life time goal is to never stop going to opera houses, and I think that a pretty cool goal to have.

xoxo jasmyn lanae

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