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Look Book: Medusa Prom

Snakes were the accent color.

Amherst Prom was spent with my girls and with them by my side there was no way prom wouldn’t be fun. As said in the last post, I rolled with punches no matter what, including, ordering the wrong dress, getting stuck in the snow, not having my jewelry arrive on time, and my flowers literally being purple instead of red. Through it all we still managed to pull together a cohesive outfit and have a blast at our last prom.

This was the night that I got to spend time with my best friends and the people who make them happy. The whole night was filled with endless laughing, continuous teasing, and, as always, non-stop horrible dancing. It was nice to spend prom surrounded by people I cared about. I loved watching everyone dance to the beat of their own song and be so happy. It was a sweet reminder of the people who have been apart of so many of my high school memories. These last few days of high school are making me reminisce a little too much for even my own liking.

For my outfit I went with a simple burgundy dress with accents of silver and gingham. It was extremely comfortable and I love how everything tied together. Jake and I decided that it would be fun to be inspired by Medusa but with each mess up of ordering we got farther from my original elegant medusa plan. I was surprised to find the snake necklace to be so pretty and the gingham shoes were the shoes of my dreams honestly. I loved the way Jake looked in both my favorite suit and shirt of his. It felt good to have our outfits so cohesive.


We were served chicken fried chicken with a side of green beans and mashed potatoes

or pulled pork with sides of green beans and cheesy potatoes. If that sounds familiar it’s because it’s almost the exact same thing that we ate at Kenesaw. *sarcastic hooray* We did get some rocking strawberry lemonade though, all the strawberries this prom season were A++++++. For dessert I had a cookie dough cupcake, which (seeing that cookie dough is the best dessert) I was impressed by.


The next three hours were spent running around the YMCA. We played volleyball, got hypnotized, jumped in a bouncy house, and played knockerball. Getting hypnotized was a very interesting experience, I thought it was kinda cool how everyone reacted a little differently. For example, I was literally the biggest cry baby and Emily and Maria were sass queens.

Being hypnotized was weird, not gonna lie. There were many points during it that I felt the need to do something or say something but just could not. I found this particularly frustrating, but the time that I was finally able to let go was when the hypnotist told us all that we were 6 year olds on the most fun rollercoaster of our lives. I really did feel the excitement I get from going on real roller coasters which was neat. I think I would be willing to try getting hypnotized again, but maybe not while I have to pee next time.

Even though prom/post prom was set up for me and my friends to have a blast there were still times that it was really hard for me. The level of social interaction required to do grand march, give a speech, pose for pictures, and be myself while I feel like everyone is watching is a lot. This fear is often what stops me from having fun or taking the picture that I want to. There were definitely points where the anxiety of it all was too much for me. During these times I sat back and let myself calm down so I could get back up and have fun. My ability to not let the little things bother me was really tested at this prom but I’m proud of myself for getting back up every time.

Okay, enough mushy stuff. Overall, prom was, once again, really fun and I’m so glad I got to spend it with the people I care about.


anyway, don't go to two proms in one weekend you'll cry a lot while being hypnotized

maybe that's just me


xoxo jasmyn lanae

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