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Little Adventures : Hastings, Nebraska

Me and My Jake decided to do a day out on the town. We had been lazy goobers the last couple times we hung out and decided it was time we dressed up and did something new. I have been blessed enough to travel to a few different states in my few short years and my favorite part of any trip is walking around downtown and seeing what I could find. Even here in my home town, I often venture down to “The Bricks” whenever I'm looking for a fun photoshoot, antique shopping, or just something new.

Styling my outfit was quite the journey, it was supposed to be 60 degrees but Nebraska does not listen to meteorologists. The debate of whether or not to wear a sweater took over half an hour of trying on every top that I almost liked. This struggle ended up with me being in the exact same outfit I began in, like always. I decided on a mustard yellow, mock neck, sweater from Old Navy. This sweater was the right combination of oversized and fitted, plus the material is amazingly comfortable. I paired this with my new favorite worn out, high waisted, black jeans from H&M. High waisted and H&M clothing are basically my signature look so these will both be a reoccurring topic. For my shoes I went bold but comfortable with my cherry red, suede, Adidas sneakers. To tie the whole look together I added my gold and ruby cross necklace. It is the little details that excite me. All in all this look turned out exactly how I wanted it to and was perfect for the weather.

Where’d we go?

To begin our adventure in Hastings, Nebraska we went to a coffee shop called Blue Moon. It was super home-y and had dark coffee shop lighting. Jake got a Pooh Bear which is honey, vanilla, and cinnamon. I got a White Wabbit. We both got it “blasted” (blended with ice) and they were so good. The entire place was so cute; there were little nooks to sit in and miss matched furniture. We sat in the window seating next to the neon Blue Moon sign. I have always been an avid lover of the moon, whether it be just night time in general or the symbolism, so this coffee shop was right up my alley.

Towards the beginning of the day it was still a little chilly out and it was quite windy which was making it harder to enjoy just walking around, and we were not having any luck finding good shops either. Neither of the book shops were what I remembered, and jake's favorite antique store was completely empty. I think me and Jake were both nervous that our fun little adventure was going to turn into a flop. We walked down an alleyway to avoid the wind, and, when we came out the other side, we found a yarn store. We didn't expect much, but we went anyway. To be honest, we did not pay much attention to the actual yarn, but more the little creatures and stuffed animals that the owner had made out of yarn. There was everything from elephants, tiny octopi, and monkeys. The lady was even there and she was working on a stuffed yarn-fox, and Jake was super disappointed it wasn't finished. Despite the fact that this was just a little yarn store, it was so much fun to goof around.

We then ventured into a couple different boutiques. There were all different kinds of fashion, and I was honestly so surprised not to just find only country/soccer-mom clothing. I found some really cool gems that deserve a nice home (my closet). The

coolest thing I found in the boutiques was definitely these beaded bracelets called Chavez for Charity. What made these bracelets special is that each one stood for a different cause. If any bracelet was purchased 25% of any profit would go to the Charity the specific bracelet was representing. No matter how much I loved some of the clothing I found, if I were to go back and get anything, it would be those bracelets. I think it is so important to stand up for what you believe in, even if it is just in the simplest way. Also, these bracelets could totally be conversation starters; a great way to gently spread information about the things you are most passionate about.

For lunch we ate at Big Dally’s Deli, a cute little homegrown sandwich shop. I got a veggie sandwich and Jake ate a tuna sandwich (his all time favorite even though he wont tell people because he is scared they will think he is weird). The decor and atmosphere felt very much like grandma’s kitchen. I think that’s what I love most about little local shops; they always feel like you're at grandma’s. Just like the coffee shop, Dally’s took their name very seriously and there was suns everywhere. Our sandwiches were served to us on paper plates and were as wide as they were long, simply reiterating the grandma cooking style. It was nice to be able go sit together and talk after a day full of walking.

Slowly we made our way to a little park. It was the kind of park that was meant to have art made in it. There was no playground, just a little area between buildings with trees,

benches and apparently, fake flowers. As Jake and I were walking around the grassy area, we found fake, tiny white roses scattered in the grass. Now something you must know about Jake is that he has very coarse curly hair that has its own mind. I, on the

other hand, do not. So naturally the only option was to gather all of the flowers and put them into Jake’s hair. I turned my Jake into the perfect flower boy. He looked stunning. This moment was by far my favorite part of the day.

For dessert, I ate at the only cookie shop that matters, Eileen's Cookies. Their cookies are the perfect amount of crumbly, soft, and firm and are topped with a thin layer of frosting that hardens on the outside but is creamy on the inside. It was delicious.

For the ride home, we jammed out to a Twenty One Pilots album and were just there together. The day was eventful but calming; the perfect outing. Even though this was one of the least exciting cities I have been to, I still had a really good time. Spending this day in Downtown Hastings really made me realize that it is not about the places you go, but more the people you go with.

xoxo jasmyn lanae

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