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How To: Survive Spring

Rain, rain, go away, here's some tips so you can slay.

Spring is my favorite season, but the Achilles’ heel to any outfit is rain. Instead of

avoiding the rain at all costs, figure out how to strut through the rain without worrying that the water will wash your fabulousness away.

As it is spring, the trends will all include pastels and flowers, but personally I think purple is always in style. I have been wearing these rain boots for over two years now and they continue to be my favorite. I've always heard that it is important to invest in the bed you sleep in and the shoes you walk in. (Sometimes I take that later part a little too seriously.) I decided to showcase the two most common ways I wear my Hunter rain boots while also showing you the easiest way to fashionably survive spring this year.

On lazy days I enjoy wearing black and white with a pop of color. I feel like this is an easy way to look put together minus the effort. A soft t-shirt, way too stretchy jeans, and a cardigan are a perfect go-to on days when it's hard to get out of bed.

Even on days that I plan to dress nice I usually end up wearing a pretty similar outfit, just the polished version. I have been super interested in the idea of doing monochromatic outfits lately so this purple with purple outfit excited me a lot! This top is one that I got from Target and would most likely be better for days that aren't so windy. On the other hand, I loved watching my ruffles blow in the wind. I paired my purple people eater outfit with some gorgeous colorful earrings as well as some other white and gold accents. The idea of wearing large earrings is yet another thing I have been wanting to try out more and I can’t wait to see what else I can wear with these beauts.

Aside from the rain boots, there are two other things that will help you survive any rainy day: waterproof mascara and an umbrella.

The mascara I bought was an Elf waterproof mascara. It was only $3, which, for a broke student, was a total score. I really liked the way it elongated my upper lashes without a

lot of clumping; however, it was not my favorite for the bottom lashes as the interesting shape of the wand made it much harder to apply without rubbing mascara all over my face.

For the umbrella I went with a clear dome umbrella with black accents. This is now a part of my emergency car kit because it will match any outfit I pair it with and is perfect for protecting my hair on both windy and rainy days.

Dressing nice has been quite the struggle for me lately, which would require a whole other blog post worth of explaining, but this purple rain boot project reminded me why I love fashion so much.

xoxo jasmyn lanae

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