• jasmynlanae

Halloween Party

This last friday my roommate and I throw our first little party together. With halloween being her favorite holiday, it only made sense that we go all out and have a spooky party to introduce people to our place! We were both extremely nervous to invite groups of people into our little home, but things went amazing.

The month leading up we spent time decorating our space and getting all giddy about throwing a party together. With the party being in less than 24 hours we finally sat down in the kitchen and prepared for the waves of people that would be coming.

Once people showed up, all the nervousness washed away. There was so much laughter and story telling, it was the perfect spooky night.

I'd like to personally thank everyone that came one more time, I truly had a blast and am so so glad that each of you came.

stay spooky my friends

xoxo jasmyn lanae

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