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Goats first Yoga second

The only rule we had to adhere to during this yoga class was: “If there is a goat around you, you must stop and pet it.” Yoga classes are where I go to relax, and I was a little nervous about inviting goats into my yoga space, but boy was this the best decision I ever made.

The goats were a reminder to stay present in the moment, to enjoy each thing you do, and to do it with purpose; the rolling hills a reminder to enjoy nature; and the yoga a reminder to relax. It was a recipe for finding happiness.

As we went through the yoga moves, the goats roamed around, loving all the attention they were receiving. This was the most laughter filled yoga class I have ever had the pleasure of attending. As the goats climbed all over us, going under our legs, over our backs, giggles from all the yogis filled the farmland.

Gal & Goats created the perfect environment for new adventures. They were extremely welcoming to people new to yoga as well as people new to goats. I highly recommend going to one of their classes if you are looking for the coolest yoga class you've ever been to.

ALSO IF YOU PAINT YOUR NAILS YELLOW THE GOATS WILL THINK THEY ARE CORN AND TRY TO EAT THEM (it is up to you to decide if that is a good thing or not)

xoxo jasmyn lanae



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