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Beginners Guide: Sushi Bowl

Me and my girls are all sushi lovers, some a little more than others. I personally am a very avid sushi girl. Now, something my friends and I have talked about on numerous occasions is that most people who won’t try sushi are not scared of the sushi itself but more the raw fish. I am here to tell you that raw fish is not a requirement for good sushi. Though all the different times I have eaten sushi I have come across some strange rolls. Including but not limited to banana sushi and steak sushi. There is a sushi roll for everyone if you are just willing to be a little adventurous.

Today I decided for our daily lunch gathering in the art room me and the girls were going to eat a homemade sushi bowl that is a gentle beginners guide to what sushi can be like.


2 cups of rice Imitation crab (we used half a package of imitation crab) 1 avocado 1 seaweed sheet

Sesame seeds (optional) Soy sauce (optional)

I cooked the rice the night before so that it could cool in the fridge overnight. I wanted it cool because this was intended to be a salad-like appetizer. Once it was time to eat, I cut up the avocado, crab, and seaweed. Then proceed to mix it all together with a splash of sesame seeds on top.

This sushi bowl was modeled after the classic California Roll. (If you are new to the sushi world this is the perfect beginner roll.) A sushi bowl uses all the ingredients that are normally in the roll and then turns it into a salad type dish instead of the tightly wrapped rolls that one normally thinks of when talking about sushi.

Judgment day:

The meal as a whole went quite smoothly. As a group we decided that the soy sauce was a necessity because the ingredients themselves were all neutral flavors. The girls and I enjoyed a nice change in our routine lunches of whatever food we can find. All in all this will be a recipe I will try again, maybe even inspire it off of a more exciting roll.

xoxo jasmyn lanae

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