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5 Ways to Give Back to Yourself

In the fast past world we live in it is sometimes hard to remember to take time to think

about yourself. It is even harder to justify taking a day off. I did not have school recently, to I took this chance to have a productive self-care day. It is important for every person’s mental health to be “selfish” sometimes, and take time to love themselves.

I planned on waking up bright and early to start my day out right, but the truth is, I am a night owl, not a early bird.

1. Identity the Biggest Issue

I ended up not rolling out of bed until 10 a.m., but I still started my day off as productive as I could. Laundry is the number one reason my room is always a mess, so I took this day to do as much laundry as my soul would allow. I also decided this would be a good time to sort some of my clothing as I am trying to get rid of everything I don't need. The fact that I actually own a T-shirt, a T-shirt with embroidery, a T-shirt dress, and a midi body-con dress that all are white with small black stripes is actually embarrassing (I will not be getting rid of any of them though). My mother has not missed a chance to remind me that I "won't be able to take ALL my clothes to college" so I finally took her advice and am trying to narrow down the collection.

2. Take Care of Your Body

Lately whenever I do my makeup I have been hating my pores, so, to take care of my body, I decided to do a face mask. I applied the mask after putting my first load into the laundry and allowed it to do its thang while I hung shirts up (multitasking to insure I actually get things done today). I used a black active charcoal mask on my T-zone in the morning.

As I wrapped up my busy day I applied one of my favorite lotions ever. I have been using the Hello Beautiful scent since I was in middle school, but I still heavily enjoy it. When picking out lotions, I tend to try to get butter cream or the thicker types because it feels so so very soft on my skin. This type of lotion is not usually ideal for right before putting on skinny jeans though.

3. Organize Something

I have been wanting to go through my record collection and find my favorite record that I have been missing, but I simply couldn't get motivated enough to take them all down and go through them until I found it. So today, I decided to make it more fun. My favorite way to organize anything is to place them to form a rainbow pattern. This forces you to go through each individual item, contemplate whether you actually need it, and then put it away in an organized manner.

Making my records look like a beautiful, musical rainbow did allow me to find that one record but it also reminded me how much I love listening to music, and how much I haven't being doing it at all lately. So while cleaning and wearing a face mask, I was able to throw in a little self-reflection on how my life is going.

A very productive day.

4. Be Creative

Having a creative outlet is very important for everyone's mental health. Whether you are a writer, painter, builder, or you enjoy music, it is important to have a place to express

yourself and just relax. The hardest thing to remember when taking this mental break is to not let it overwhelm you. People tend to get so wrapped up in trying their hardest to be the best that they forget to be the best version of themselves.

These past few weeks I have been majorly into sea creatures. I have watched many, many, many, documentaries on sharks and why humans shouldn't be afraid of them. So for my little brain break decided to doodle a content shark in a colorful home.

5. Love Yourself

I know that the entire purpose of this day was to take a break and take care of myself, but this is still a hard step sometimes. Taking time to not only take care of yourself but also to appreciate what all you have accomplished can be so crucial. Realizing that you have made it through yet another day of your crazy life. Thanking your body for supporting you through the days obstacles. Maybe this is just the part of me that has been to way too many yoga classes, but loving yourself can be simple, and intentionally loving yourself is so much more rewarding in the end.

Even though everything that was accomplished today all had a similar purpose and was quite simple, I think it was a success. These were all things I have been wanting/ needing to do and I'm glad I finally did. I encourage you guys to also take a day off whilst still being productive. Take care of yourselves my loves.

xoxo Jasmyn lanae

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